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Fic: Allowing Desire (Sentinel, Jim/Blair)

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Sep. 5th, 2006 | 01:03 am
mood: rushedrushed
posted by: sara_merry99 in noglove_nolove

Sorry, I'm late--I forgot how late I was likely to get home from work and didn't post before I left!

Title: Allowing Desire
Author: Sara
Fandom: The Sentinel, Jim/Blair
Rating: NC-17, FRAO, No Pants
Summary: "Are you going to let yourself notice now? Or do you want us to keep ignoring it?"
Note: For the noglove_nolove Safer Sex Ficathon.
Author's Notes: Mucho mucho thanks to admiralandrea, arouette and Catyah for incredibly helpful alpha-reads. Thanks to admiralandrea (again) for taming my wild sentences (and and and). Thanks also to mab_browne for her excellent beta, about which I was absolutely right.

(Click on the fake cut for Allowing Desire)

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